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My name is Christina Farris and my nickname on the computer is turtle or turtle30c. I have been on the computer since about 2001. My husband and I have been married since 1989. I have been born again since 1977. I started this site in July of 2006. But been sharing the Gospel online since December 2004.

Lord has blessed me and i want to bless others by sharing Christ Love with them. I want to just Praise the Lord for giving me the courage to open this site. And I pray this will be a blessing to others as well as myself. Come joined me on google+ or have a prayer request visit the link Pray time in the above links.

Blessings to you in
Jesus name,
Manager Christina Farris

If you need a Bible or just want to do Bible research this has some free sources as well as paid sources. I have been using it for over ten years. And I love it.

link is no longer available, however this website had the original templates for my turtle that I colored in. I have trouble for some reason drawing a turtle, however the rest of the artwork is mine.I use a art program called gimp.


My review of this program is it is an art program out of this world.