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Prayer Time For Prayer Partners

If you want to help in ministry of any kind begin by praying for others it must start with prayer for yourself to receive Jesus as Savior and then begin to pray for those around you. What is action learning to follow after the Holy Spirit. Following in the steps of Christ. Seeking his will for your life and then praying for others, sharing your faith and doing/caring for others in the way God teaches you. As part of the family of God as a fellow believer in Christ, we all need pray and to pray. I not asking you to join a page, because many do not have time, and they do not know me a lot of times, except through my writting. What does this mean? Means begin to pray and find ways to reach out and share God's love with someone yourself. That is what it means to be a Prayer Partner with Turtle30cshell website. Reaching out as God leads you. Reaching out in your own ministry. Giving God's word freely and to give has God lays on your heart to help someone else. There plenty of people out there needing love and knowledge of who Jesus and HIs word is. Give a blanket or share some food with someone, open a door, give a hug when social distancing is out of season. Be kind to someone. God cared for you, how about showing that same care for someone else today. Don't have money say a prayer, and be kind, caring and loving to those you come in contact with.